I No Longer Experience Any Pain

I first entered chiropractic care, with Dr. Michel, when I was experiencing severe lower back pain.  Under his care my back, gradually regained its strength and mobility.  I no longer experience any pain!

I next started exercising on the Fit Vibe, at the clinic, and to this day continue to work out regularly.  I have benefitted greatly from this program, gaining strength, mobility, and improved muscle tone.

When Dr. Michel incorporated Functional Medicine into his centre, I joined his first group of students.  I was now on a journey to reclaim my health, my well-being, my life.

This class was very informative, educating me in many areas, including detoxification, nutrition, fitness, and overall self-care.  A personalized nutritional program from  “Healthy and Active” was made available based on my blood test results and metabolic analysis.  Along with nutrition advice, I was prescribed natural supplements to support and strengthen the areas of weakness/stress in my body.  This program taught me a solid foundation of self-care and I was now taking responsibility for my own health and well-being.

I am now enrolled in the “Foundations for Healing Program” which emphasizes Digestion and the Gut-Brain Connection, Stress and Head Health, the Brain and Bio-identical Hormones, to name just a few.   Dr.  Michel’s expertise is joined by a Naturopath and a Medical Doctor from Toronto.  The blood tests are used to identify imbalances.  I am very excited about adding this additional information to my care program.

The extensive in-office care program at the centre include many services, they are Laser, Magnetic Bio-Stem, Fit Vibe, Electric Muscle stimulation, Flexion-Distraction, Chiropractic, water, and massage tables.

The staff at “New Life Integrative Centre” is very pleasant, welcoming, helpful and fun.  The atmosphere at the clinic is relaxed, healing and a “happy place to be”.  Laughter is regularly heard throughout the clinic.

This Health Center offers tests, programs, supplements, chiropractic care and expertise that is not easily available to us “Northerners”.

A big thank you to Dr. Michel Dupuis and his staff for all their support during my healing process.



I also went from a weight of 213 lbs to 185 lbs within a few months

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Michel for almost 15 years.  I went in one day with numbness in my arm that was diagnosed by two MDs as carpal tunnel syndrome and I had the option of either taking steroids or getting surgery.  I couldn’t accept that these were my only options and decided to see a chiropractor.  I found Dr. Michel on my second try and explained to him my issues.  It took a few weeks but the numbness went away.  Within a few more weeks, a problem I had been living with was also gone, I was able to sit straight without any pain in my lower back as well.  It didn’t take long for me to trust him more than our family physician.

In 2012, when I was diagnosed with pre-hypertension and high cholesterol, I was given prescriptions by my family doctor to ‘alleviate the symptoms’.  I went to see Michel and he explained to me what the drugs were and how to avoid them.  With my new lifestyle adopted, I was able to get my blood pressure down to normal and cholesterol in hand.  I also went from a weight of 213 lbs to 185 lbs within a few months.  I not only trust him with my health more than any ‘Doctor’ I’ve had, but I also trust him with the health of my 4 children as well.



Thank you, Dr. Michel, for helping me heal my body from the inside-out.

On May 3rd, 2016, I attended the seminar on how Functional Medicine works, that hour talk made perfect sense to me. I had not been feeling well for months and I needed to make a change so I signed up that day. 

It has been 6 months now and I am doing extremely well. 

Thank you, Dr. Michel, for helping me heal my body from the inside-out.



Do what’s recommended and you’ll get results.

Enjoyed the program, learned a lot and it is very easy. You just have to do what’s recommended and you’ll get results. You just have to work to do it. Jackie S

Jackie S